How can I create a new account?

You can create a new account by going on Jawaker's homepage and click on "Signup"

How can I invite my friends to my game?

You can invite your friends by sending them the game's link or by clicking on the "Invite to game" button and choose the friend(s) you would like to invite

How can I access a game as a watcher?

From games page click on the game you want to watch without clicking on "Sit here"

How can I go to my friend's game?

Through your friends' list. Click on the arrow next to your friend and go to his/her game

How can I find out sessions that plays out my friends?

Through your friends' list. Click on the arrow next to your friend and go to his/her game or through filtering games

How do I change the user's name on Jawaker?

We apologize, this feature is not available on Jawaker at the moment

How can I change my account's password?

Click on the arrow next to your name, and access "my profile" and choose edit. Choose your new password, and enter it again to confirm, and click "save"

How can I change my email on my account?

You cannot change your email address at the moment. Please contact Jawaker's support team for further assistance

How do I create a private chat?

Through your friends' list. Click on the arrow next to your friend's name and start your private chat

How to ignore a player who is bothering me?

Through the block feature, the restricted player won't be able to add you as a friend or be in the same game you are in, except for competitions

How do I unblock a player?

In the Search Bar, look for the players you want to unblock and click on the X sign next to the name. The red Block button will turn green once you click it

How can I access my friend's list on Jawaker?

Once on the Games page, click on your name to access your profile and then click on the Friends' icon

Why do some players' accounts appeare in red?

It is a new feature that is given to outstanding players and in competitions. This feature is not for sale at the moment, as it is currently in Beta

How can I add a picture to my account?

You can add a picture by linking your Jawaker account to your facebook account where it will add your facebook profile picture. You can do so by clicking on "and Connect your account to Facebook"

When I link my Jawaker account to Facebook, I get an error message: "Failed to authenticate with Facebook, Please make sure your facebook account is not already connected to another Jawaker account and try again or contant the Jawaker team for more help"?

This message appears when you try to connect your Jawaker account with a facebook account that has already been linked to another Jawaker account, as you can only link one facebook account to your Jawaker account. To fix this problem, log in to the previous Jawaker account (that is linked with the facebook account) disconnect from facebook through your profile

What can I do if I don't remember the Jawaker account that I linked to Facebook?

- Open your Facebook account that you want to connect it with Jawaker
- Then open the following URL:
- Once the Jawaker page is loaded, do a refresh for the web page
- You will notice that your Jawaker username has changed
- Now go to your profile page then delete the connection with Facebook
- Now you should be able to connect your Jawaker account with FB without any troubles

I followed all the steps as instructed above, and I was not able to link my account with Facebook, and I always get an Error message

In this case, please get in touch with Jawaker support team, sending your Jawaker account name, and the link to your facebook profile

I linked my Jawaker account to my Facebook account, but my picture does not appear on Jawaker

Take in consideration privacy terms and to prevent players to add abuses pictuers, Your facebook account should be verified. To verify you accoount follow this URL: In addition we have the option to connect your Jawaker account with facebook without showing your facebook profile picture

What is Basha Subscription?

Basha Subscription is an addition to your account, through which you can get extra exclusive features

What Basha subscription features?

More XPs, you can create a private table and set the minimum needed XPs for players, kick out unwanted players, private chat, create competitions, stop a game, put "away", the chance to participate in our monthly draws to win great prizes, It also blocks all ads

Do I need to have Basha subscription to Play?

No, you can play any game without participating in Basha

Am I obliged to renew for a set period?

No, you can choose the package that suits you best

What if my subscription ended?

You will lose all the features your got when your subscription ends

How can I be a Basha subscriber?

By buying Basha Days that suits you through Jawaker virtual Tokens

How do I know how many Basha days I have?

It will always show the number of the remainding days next to the fez "Tarboush"

How can I join competitions?

From the main page, click on competitions and choose the game you would like to play. Request to join

"You dont have enough tokens" message appears when I want to join a competition

This means you dont have enough tokens to pay for the competition's entry fee

What is the Quick Start competitions?

Competitions that must start within an hour, or when 75% of the seats are occupied

How can I know when the competition starts?

If you are in the quick start competition, you will recieve a notification when the competition starts. If the competition has a specific time and date, you can access the competiton when it is time, and request to join

Can I withdraw from the competition before it starts?

When the organizer has accepted your request, you can't leave unless he/she kicked you out of the competition

Who is the competition organizer and what can he do?

He is in charge of organizing the competition and making sure it is going smoothly and properly. He sets the entry fees, and the prize and can approve or reject any requests

How can I complain about the organizer or one of the players?

You can choose to submit a complaint from the control system at the end of the competition, by stating the type of complaint and the name of the player

How do I watch the game after its completion?

Go to the competition page after it has ended, go to "my competitions" or "ended competitions" and click record

What is the Control System and how can I use it?

A Jawaker-developed system designed to eliminate cheating, and guarantee the players' rights. The player can submit a complaint during or after the competition where a moderator is assigned to investigate the game and do what is necessary

Who are the moderators and what can they do?

Specialized card gamers and members of Jawaker. They are trained to analyze the players' moves and identify any cheating acts accurately, and take the correct course of action to resolve any issues or complaints. The moderator can return the entry fees to players who were unjustifiably kicked out of the game. He/she can also look into the winners and modify the result if needed, as well as prohibit any players for a specific period of time if found necessary

How do I join the Moderators of competitions?

If you find yourself fit for this role, please feel free to contact us through our customer service center

What if the moderator took the wrong action towards me?

We strive to avoid any mistakes; however, if you feel that the moderator wasn't fair to you, please file a compalint against the moderator through the customer service center

How can I create a competition?

Creating a competition is a Basha feature. You can create a competition by going to the competitions tab, choosing the game you want to play, and then click on Create a table

Why can't I create a competition?

Either you are not a Basha subscriber, or you dont have enough tokens to create one

What are the fees to create a competition?

300 tokens are for each seat, or 10% of the grand prize "Whichever is greater"

What benefits do I get from creating a competition?

The organizer gets 90% from the entry fees that the players paid to enter in the competition

In partners games, how do you distribute the prize among the winners?

In partners games, the prize is split in to two between the players. As for the single player games, the winner gets the whole prize

Why does it show " Hold Period" after the competition?

When the competition is over, Jawaker grants a 10 minutes window for the players to revise the game and its records to see if they have any complaints or feedback towards the players or the moderator

Can I cancel a complaint that I submitted?

You can click on "I dont have any complaints" Button within the 10 minutes window

I didn't recieve my prize in the "Hold Time" after the competition,

In case someone submitted a complaint in the Hold time, the competition status will be on hold, and moderators will be assigned to investigate the issues regarding the game, and upon confirmation, you shall recieve your prize

How do I know if someone filed a complaint against me?

You will recieve a notification stating the complainant name. To keep up with all updates, go back to the competition for the activity log and history

What is the minimum number of players I need to start my competition?

Either 75% of the seats must be filled, meaning: 24 filled seats for 32 players, 12 filled seats for 16 players, 6 filled seats for 8 and 3 filled seats for 4 players and 2 filled seats for 2 players

How can I invite my friends to a comptition?

After creating your competition, click on invite my friend button, found in the competition's page

Who are the supervisors and what can they do?

At the moment the only supervisors are Jawaker team members. They help in overseeing complaints tickets, customer service center and provide them with what is needed

What is the control system for competitions?

It is a Jawaker-developed system that aims to eliminate any cheating or subversions that might happen in competitions. It is a system that guarantees the players' rights as well as protects their tokens. If the player feels that there is something going on, he/she must review the records and file a complaint within the hold time

I reported one of the competitions that i joined, what will happen next?

After you have submitted your complaint, the competition's status is "on hold" and we assign a moderator to investigate the game and its records, and do what is necessary if needed

What do I need to access the website?

Logging into Jawaker doesn't require any additional programs

Which browsers are supported by Jawaker?

Jawaker supports almost all browsers, however we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox

"Wrong username or Password" message

Make sure that you are entering the password correctly, and check the keyboard input langauge (AR-EN) as well as the CAPS-Lock Button

"Your account is locked" error message

This appears when someone is trying to access your account, frequently and wrong. We strongly advise not to share you email address with anyone. If you keep getting this meesage please contact Jawaker helpdesk to assist in changing your email address

I forgot my password, how do i retrieve it?

If you can't login into Jawaker and need to reset you password:
- Go to login page at
- in the top right click on "Forget your password?"
- Type your email and click on "Reset password"
- Check your personal email and follow the instructions sent by us

Why was I kicked out of the game?

Some players have the ability to control the of the feature allows the game creator to kick player out. To avoid this, you can be the game creator or you can join the games that does not allow the kickout "No kicking"

How do I add friends and be a part of the community Jawaker?

You can add friends on Jawaker from their profiles, enter the player name in the search bar and click on the arrow next to the player name and click on "View profile". Click on "Add Friend". Once this player accepts your request, they will show up on your friend list and you can invite them to your games

What are Tokens?

Jawakers Virtual Currency, you can use it to get many features of Jawaker

How can I use Tokens on the website?

Tokens are used to join and create competitions, buy Basha days, change the table's backgroud, play and create challenges, and/or create your own club

How can I get tokens?

Jawaker offers many ways to buy tokens. Please visit Tokens page to learn more. You can also get tokens by getting higher XPs by playing games, competitions and challenges

Can I transfer tokens to a friend?

Yes you can. Just choose the player profile and click on Send tokens icon

How do I know how much tokens I have?

In the menu strip on top, you will find your tokens amount in white next to the Tokens icon

What are the ways I can buy tokens?

You can buy tokens by using a credit card, through facebook, bank transfer of mobile credit transfers. for more information please visit

How can I know where I spent my tokens?

Under your profile, go to Edit, and then click on Tokens details, where it will show the debits and credits on your balance

Who are the Tokens Resellers?

Jawaker-trusted people in several Arab countries who are in charge of selling tokens in various ways to ease the process when buying tokens. For more information please visit

How can I verify the resellers identity?

You will find the resellers' names, phone numbers and details in the reseller section

How can I be a reseller?

You can join our resellers' team by going to this page ( ) click on resellers, then choose to be a reseller

What are Jawaker's clubs?

It consists groups empowering members to engage in various social activities

How can I join Jawaker's Club?

By going to the clubs page ( ) choose the club you would like to join and click "Request to Join"

How do I know which club I requested to join to?

After requesting to join, you will get a confirmation message at the top of the page with the club's name. Your request however will stay pending until on of the club's admin accepts your request

How do I know which is my club?

When going to the Clubs main page, you will get a message at the top stating which club you are a member of

I got a "You have been kicked out from the club" message

This message appears when one of the club's admin kicks you out

What happens when I get kicked out or leave the club?

You will lose all the trophies you got from the Club

Who are the clubs' admins, and what can they do?

They are the clubs' members, been chosen by the clubs creator. They manage the clubs' activities, and they are the ones who approve or decline members requests and memberships

Can a club admin assign another member to be a admin?

No, admins cant assign members as admins

How do I assign a admin?

By going through the members list, choosing a name and clicking on the arrow next to his/her name. From the menu, choose "Assign as a admin"

What is the club's safe?

The club's tokens balance

How can I transfer tokens to the club's safe?

When in the club's main page, choose Tokens log, and then send tokens to club

How can I use the tokens in the club's safe?

The club creator and admins are the ones who are authorized to access the club's safe. The tokens are used to buy features to the club

What are the features that can be bought by the tokens in the club's safe?

Image club, comments on announcement page, silver and gold cups

What is the Club's level and how to I increase it?

Every club has its own level reflecting how active the club is. Each level empowers the admin to accept a certain number of members, and to increase your level you need to accept more members

What is the maximum number of members I can accept?

If the Club level is 1 - they can accept 50 2 - 100 3- 150 4- 200

How can I move from one level to another?

To move from 1 to 2, 25 members should at least collect 5000 XPs each in a week. To move from 2 to 3, 65 members should at least collect 5000 XPs each, in 2 weeks. To move from 3 to 4, 115 members should at least collect 5000 XPs each, in 3 weeks

How do I create a competition for club members only?

By going to the competition page, create a competition, and choose "club only"

I have problems with the sound, what can I do?

To control the sounds, click on the speaker located in the top of the page and control the games sounds, the notifications and chat settings

How can I delete my Jawaker account?

We wouldn't want you to go, and we hope we can change your mind about it. To delete you account, you would go to your profile, and click edit, and then choose to delete your account. You have 14 days to reactivate your account again. If it exceeded the 14 days, please contact Jawaker support center for further assistance

What can I find the games rules?

Choose the game you wish to learn more about, and click Games Rules

Why didn't I get an activation email?

Make sure that you entered your email address correctly. If you didn't recieve it within 10 minutes, please contact Jawaker Team

What are Jawaker badges, and why do they appear in my profile?

Players get badges at each achievement on Jawaker. These badges are automatically grants when they meet their criteria. They reflect the player's experience as they are not easy to collect. Jawaker team randomly give our rewarding prizes for those with numerous badges