Kout Bo 6 Rules

Kout Bo 6 is a game for 6 players divided into 2 teams in which the standard international 52-card deck plus 1 red Joker and 1 black Joker are used . The game is normally played counter-clockwise.

Dealing and Cards

9 cards are dealt out to each player. The ranking of cards in each suit from high to low: A - K - Q - J - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2. The general ranking of cards from high to low: Red Joker - A of Trump - Black Joker - Rest of the trump suit - Other suits.


Bidding begins with the player to the dealer's right and continues counterclockwise. The bids are numbers, representing the number of tricks that the bidder's team undertakes to win. The lowest bid is 5 ("Bab") and the highest is 9 ("Bawn"). Each bid must be higher than the last. A player who does not wish to bid at their turn can pass. If all players pass, the last player is forced to bid at lease 5 (called "Malzoom" in this case).


  • The final bidder with the highest bid announces the trump suit (Hokm) and leads the first trick and players must follow suit. Each trick is won by the highest card and the winner of each trick leads the next.
  • Any players unable to follow suit have the option to use the "trump", which are considered the highest among other cards. The winner of the trick is the player who use a trump card, unless a higher trump is used by another player.
  • Playing the Jokers:
    • A player is only allowed to start a hand with one of the Jokers if the J, Q, K, and A of trump were already thrown in previous hands or if his team bid 9 (in which case he can start a hand with both Jokers), or 8 (in which case he’s only allowed to start a hand with the red Joker).
    • If a player was forced to start the hand with the Joker when it’s not legal to do so because he has no other cards, the first suit played after the Joker is considered the trump and is the suit to follow, the Joker is considered a 0 card, which means it loses its place in the hierarchy of cards and can’t take the trick. If the other Joker was thrown immediately after the first one, both are considered worthless and the deciding suit is moved to the next player.
    • If a hand is started legally with a Joker, other players are forced to play the trump suit.
    • If not using the Joker to start a hand, players are allowed to play the Jokers on any suit they choose even if they're not out of it.
  • Round ends when the bidding team wins or loses their bid.


  • The bidding team must take as many tricks as they bid.
  • If the bidding team gets the number of tricks they bid then other team scores nothing and they score the number of bids they got.
  • If the bidding team takes fewer tricks than they bid they score nothing and the other team scores double the bidding team's bid.
  • If the bid is "Malzoom" and the bidding team loses, the other team only scores 5 points.
  • If the bid is "Bawn" and the bidding team wins, the score 36 points.
  • The game ends:
    • If one team reaches a score of 101 or more.
    • If one team reaches a score of 51 while the other team's score is still 0.
    • If one team bids "Bawn" in the first round of the game and wins.
Kout Bo 4 Rules

Kout Bo 4 differs from Kout Bo 6 in the following points:

  • Kout Bo 4 is played with 4 players divided into 2 teams.
  • The exact same rules apply as Kout Bo 6 but all the cards between 2 and 5 and the 6's of Hearts and Diamonds are removed from the deck.