Dama Rules

The dama board consists of 64 equally-sized cells and every player has 16 colored pawns.


  • The player starts by moving any of their pawns in the front lane one step forward and the game continues with one move for each player on their turn.
  • The only possible move for a pawn is one step forward.
  • A player can kill any pawn that is on its front, right or left.
  • A king pawn can take any number of moves in any direction (horizontal or vertical).
  • The objective is to draw a strategy to set up a trap for the opponent to kill as much of their stones as possible and to have at least one stone reach the last line of the opponent’s squares to have it turn into a king pawn

Killing Pawns:

Killing a pawn in the game is mandatory, and a player must kill the maximum number of pawns on their path, regardless if the pawn is a king or not.

King Pawn:

A pawn becomes king once it reaches the last row in the board from the opponent side. A king pawn can move in any direction (horizontal or vertical but not diagonal) and it is able to kill more than one pawn on its way regardless of the number of steps.


The game result is considered a draw once the game ends between the players with each of them having 1 king pawn or 15 pawns.

Ending the Game:

The game ends when one of the players kills all of the opponent's pawns.